Al-Anon List - 33rd Annual
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Friday March 30, 2018
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
5 PM When I got busy, I got better…    Katie D.    Lake Forest 
6 PM I'm powerless over many things, but my serenity is not one of them...    Marie P.    Costa Mesa 
7 PM Do's and Don'ts    Tom C.    Dana Point 
8 PM Today I will remember that I have choices, and so does the alcoholic    Jorge B.    Mission Viejo  
9 PM How important is it?    Bonnie B.    Mission Viejo  
10 PM When I make plans, my Higher Power laughs...    Selina P.    Aliso Viejo 
11 PM We're only as sick as our secrets    Lori I.    Fullerton 
Saturday March 31, 2018
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
8 AM Let it begin with me...    Tom R.    Mission Viejo 
9 AM Detachment, a loving gift I continue to give myself and others...    Barbara L.    Costa Mesa 
10 AM Hope for today...    Wendy S.    San Clemente 
11 AM When things look blackest, it is within my power to brighten them with the light of gratitude    Sarah M.    Costa Mesa 
12 PM Turning your denial into acceptance    Amy L.    Mission Viejo  
1 PM When I check my motives...    Mark L.    Laguna Beach 
2 PM If your Higher Power brings you to it, your Higher Power will get you through it.    Terry B.    Orange 
3 PM Expectations are resentments in the making...    Marque H.    Brea 
4 PM Finding compassion in a family disease...    Julie P.    Laguna Niguel 
5 PM Al-Anon program, it works if you work it...    Christine G.    Mission Viejo 
6 PM Replace negative thinking with positive action...    Tayla C.    Irvine 
7 PM Let go and let God...    Jeanne    Laguna Beach 
8 PM 3 C's    Matt H.    Costa Mesa 
9 PM Courage is fear that has said it's prayers...    Yvon W.    Mission Viejo  
10 PM Making amends...    Lorraine J.    Mission Viejo 
11 PM Why I keep coming back...    Sharon S.    Anaheim 
Sunday April 01, 2018
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City