Al-Anon List - 33rd Annual
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Friday March 30, 2018
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
9 AM Alcoholics pick up the bottle, Alanon’s pick up people    Tayla C.    Irvine  
5 PM Alanon’s – 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Recovery     Sharon S.    Anaheim 
6 PM Alcoholism – A Family Disease    Robyn A.    Laguna Hills 
7 PM 3 C’s    Sarah R.    Costa Mesa 
8 PM How the 12 Steps can help    Vicki D.    City: Mission Viejo  
10 PM If your Higher Power brings you to it, your Higher Power will get you through it      Eric K.    Lake Elsinore  
11 PM Forgiveness is not forgetting, it’s letting go of the hurt    Selina P.    Lake Forest 
Saturday March 31, 2018
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
12 AM We’re only as sick as out secrets    Jeremy O.    Costa Mesa 
8 AM Just for today I will……    Tom R.    Mission Viejo 
9 AM Making use of Alanon Slogans    Jamie R.    Rancho Santa Margarita  
10 AM Sponsorship, What is it all about    Ann M.    Menifee 
11 AM Change your attitude, Change your life    Larry L.    Mission Viejo   
12 PM Topic:  Do’s and Don’ts    Janise C.    Huntington Beach 
1 PM The Gift of Detachment    Ann F.    Anaheim 
2 PM Letting Go and Moving on    Debbie H.    Mission Viejo 
3 PM If your plans don’t work out, don’t worry God has better ones    Amy L.     Mission Viejo 
4 PM Serenity isn’t a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice    LeeAnn A.    Tustin 
5 PM Turn it over and Trust    Lorraine J.     City: Mission Viejo 
6 PM Gratitude – expect nothing and appreciate everything    Cynthia P.    San Juan Capistrano 
7 PM Topic:  Feel good about saying “No!”    Ricky H.     Garden Grove 
8 PM God shots     Vince R.    Anaheim 
9 PM Topic:  Today I will examine my motives    Shauna W.    Dana Point 
10 PM The 1st Step towards change is Awareness, the 2nd Step is Acceptance    Truck S.    Anaheim 
11 PM Expectations are Resentments under construction    Melissa A.    Mission Viejo   
Sunday April 01, 2018
Time Topic Group Name Leader Co-Leader City
12 AM Why I keep coming back    Lori I.    Placentia