We are happy to have our very own member of the herd

entertaining us with her standup show on Saturday April 20th at 9 PM.
A Phoenix resident, Silver has been making people laugh since 4th grade.
She has appeared at numerous AA roundups and conferences and
entertains at retirement communities across the country.
She is a regularly featured artist at the Scottsdale Comedy Spot,
Arizona’s longest-standing comedy club.

Author of many comedy books including
You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly and Women Who Joke Too Much.
She is 2nd generation funny.
She remembers jokes she heard 40 years ago but not where she lives!
This show is customized for the AA/Alanon audience.
It is slightly racy (I mean, come on! She’s an alcoholic. She DID stuff out there!)
There will be no cussing (with the exception of one completely appropriate “F” bomb, that will make you roar with laughter.)

Come to a show where the entertainer WANTS you to laugh at her!
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