Al-Anon List - 34th Annual
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Friday April 19, 2019
Time Topic Leader City
4 PM Surrender does not mean submission - it means I'm willing to stop fighting reality - Step 1 CTC Pg 283  Sarah G.  Fullerton 
5 PM Acceptance can be empowering because it makes choice possible. CTC Pg 256  Tom R.  Misson Viejo 
6 PM First I came, then I came to, and then I came to believe - Step 2  Angelique A.  Placentia 
7 PM Feeling our feelings is one important part of the recovery process. Learning how to balance feelings with appropriate action is another CTC Pg 193  Garey M.  Newport Beach 
8 PM Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end. Step 3 CTC Pg 316  Barbara L.  Costa Mesa 
9 PM Only by knowing the person I am, can I create the person I want to become. Step 4 CTC Pg 333  Chelsea S.  Huntington Beach 
10 PM Service: When we discover that we really can make a positive contribution, many of us find that self-esteem has replaced self-pity. CTC Pg 188  Lori I.  Fulleron 
11 PM My secrets keep me isolated and alone. - Step 5  Kalley H.  Orange 
Saturday April 20, 2019
Time Topic Leader City
8 AM My goal is to make myself ready to let go of my faults and let God take care of the rest. Step 6 CTC Pg 319  Tom C.  Dana Point 
9 AM Sometimes the things we consider our greatest weakness prove to be our greatest strength CTC Pg 119  Stacey E.  Costa Mesa 
10 AM Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. The first word is the key to Step 7. ODAT Pg 173  Angelique N.  Seal Beach 
11 AM Life can either be a burden and a chore or a challenge and a joy. Step 8 CTC Pg 242  Nancy C.  Huntington Beach 
12 PM Sponsorship: the most important thing is to be willing to reach out and ask for the help we need, human to human. HFT Pg 329  Jim A.  Laguna Niguel 
1 PM Making Amends isn't just saying "I'm sorry" - it means responding differently from our new understanding - Step 9 CTC Pg 299  Roxanne M.  San Clemente 
2 PM Step 10 is essential to the Al-Anon promise I make to myself, to live one day at a time ODAT Pg 176  Pete B.  Costa Mesa 
3 PM I have been affected by a disease of attitudes - When I treat myself with love and approval, I know that I am recovering CTC Pg 51  Gina S.  Lake Forest 
4 PM Knowing my boundaries does not mean forcing others to change - it means I know my own limits. The focus is on me CTC Pg 345  Vickie M.  Midway City 
5 PM If I continue to do what I have always done, I will continue to get what I have always gotten - CTC Pg 252  Irene R.  Orange 
6 PM Gratitude: When I appreciate what I have instead of dwelling on what I lack, I feel good about my life CTC Pg 170  Marie P.  Costa Mesa 
7 PM Every problem can help me to change for the better, deepen my faith and add to my self-esteem CTC Pg 139  Mayra G.  Tustin 
8 PM God meets me where I am. If I am just willing, He will come to me. Step 11 CTC Pg 182  Lupe M.  Orange 
9 PM Yes, but… - a signal that I am refusing to accept something over which I am powerless. CTC Pg 129  Kimberly P.  Tustin 
10 PM The steps are a guide to total good living - they unearth the wonderful potential for good in all our relationships with life. ODAT Pg 141  Brent W.  Dana Point 
11 PM What I give is never as much as I get from the giving. Step 12 ODAT Pg 153  Marque H.  Brea 
Sunday April 21, 2019
Time Topic Leader City